Mesh Optimization

Mesh optimization is only supported on Windows platform. The SDK is still under development and work is in progress on packaging it into a single lib and header for distribution. Currently, to use mesh optimization you will need to first build a library using the mesh_optimizer.vcxproj. This build is also dependent on CMP_MeshOptimizer.vcxproj .

In your code, link in the built libraries and include the header file mesh_optimizer.h, which defines a class interface for mesh optimization processing:

ProcessMesh(void* data, void* setting, void* statsOut, CMP_Feedback_Proc pFeedbackProc)
  • void* data is CMODEL_DATA type from ModelData.h .
  • void* setting is MeshSettings type from mesh_optimizer.h.
  • void* statsOut and CMP_Feedback_Proc pFeedbackProc are reserved for statistic output and progress feedbacks, they are optional input and can be nullptr.