Application Requirements

  • Application was tested on Windows 10 platform.
  • For best performance, a multi core CPU system with the latest AMD Graphics card are required.
  • For ease of use, a wheel based mouse is essential.
  • Use of multiple monitors is optional, and can be beneficial when examining multiple image views at the same time.


  • To install the application, download the executable file from GPU Open to your system. Then, double click the executable to start the installation process and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Run the application in Administrator mode, recommended that UAC be turned off.

Compressonator GUI features

  • The GUI interacts with Compressonator SDK for texture compression and bit format conversions; it can compress a wide range of compression formats including ASTC, ATC, ATInN, BCn, ETCn, DXTn, swizzle DXTn formats.
  • Supports conversion of textures with 32bit fixed and float formats.
  • Process multiple compression, decompression and transcode of images with a single processing action.
  • Allow multiple processing interactions for a single source image
  • Inspect visually and analytically compression results.
  • Uses a single image viewer that supports many compressed and uncompressed image formats.
  • Support 3D model file .obj and .gltf view and process the model file (optimize and/or compress mesh and/or compress textures within the 3D model).