Property View

Properties such as file size and image format of a selected item on the Project Explorer are displayed on the Property View. Content of the Property View changes when different items are selected in the application.


The Properties View will display information on the selected image’s location, various sizes, dimensions, etc.


Property View Window

The Property View above shows that the selected image is set to compress the original Ruby.bmp image using BC7 compression format, the expected quality of the resulting image is shown as default 0.05, this value ranges from 0 to 1. Lower quality values will have faster processing time and less amount of precision when compared to the original image.

Warning: For some large images, setting quality values above 0.75, the time to process it may take several hours for only a marginal increase in overall quality when compared to the original image.

When a compression process is completed, the Property View will indicate the time it took to compress the image and the Compression Ratio. To see the Compression Ratio, click on compressed image in the Project Explorer, this will update the Compression Ratio which indicates how much the image was compressed compared to the original (typically 4x for BC7)


Property View Window showing Compression Ratio